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"I just wanted to take a minute to give a huge Thank-You to Spero, Norman Black and the entire Spero faculty. The last three weeks of my life have been amazing. I have only been in this battle since April last year. My husband took me down to Spero (We live 3.5 hours north) January 13th for a consultation. I left unsure that the treatment did much. I knew it did something because close to the end when the nurse touched my foot I felt her touch, her skin and the cold of her hands. I felt the comfort of human touch - not pain. However, I still limped out and the areas that cause me the most pain were still yelling at me loud and clear. Dr. Mitchell Weisberg commented that my limp seemed to be less when he saw us leaving, but I wasn't convinced. We stopped for lunch about an hour later and I realized I walked into the restaurant with no limp. I still wasn't convinced because that sometimes does happen when I stay off my foot. But when I got home the truth became clear. I was sitting in my trusty recliner and my daughter (just turned 5 a few weeks ago) lying on the floor in front of me coloring. She shifted and accidentally bumped into my foot. She immediately turned around ready to apologize and make sure Mama was okay. But before she said anything her and I realized I didn't jump, I didn't cry out. It didn't hurt. Everyone in the room turned to me at the same time and I didn't have to say anything. Everyone knew. Those hopeful little eyes looked up at me, with a light I can't describe and said "That didn't hurt?", I told her no and she tapped my foot on purpose again. She watched my eyes the entire time. She asked if it hurt that time and I looked at her with a tear in my eye and said "No baby, it didn't" The smile spread across her face as well as mine and I can't describe the light in her eyes. She jumped and ran at me full force with her arms wide open and jumped into my lap. She laid in my arms with her head in my lap fighting the tears. I just held her tightly for several minutes. Yes, I cried...a lot. They were tears of joy. Tears of hope. Tears of love. The next two weeks were amazing! I chased my boys outside in the snow, I kept my house clean, I cooked meals from scratch. I visited friends. The kids and I went with my husband down to the Kalahari Resort. It's the world's largest indoor water park. My husband has conventions there every January. I was able to take my kids down some water slides. I can't say Thank-You enough to the Spero clinic for giving me the ability to hang onto my babies and hear their squeels and giggles as we zipped down the water slide. The gifts that were given to me the last few weeks will always and forever be kept in my heart. Thank-you Spero clinic. I hope you know how much your work means. I urge every person to keep fighting and keep hope. Keep God close to you and ask for his guidance. Listen to him. Seek alternative treatments. Do not accept well enough that most doctors give us. Keep going! There is hope. There is life. God Bless everyone of you!" –Jess





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